Real Criminal Record Searches
All criminal record searches are not created equal
Nationwide Criminal Record searches are less than 40% complete
You need a real criminal record search...and you have come to the right place
For Businesses True Diligence for Business Professionals
We are expert providers of real-time ("live") county criminal records in over 3,000 counties across the country, serving both employers as well as professional background screening companies.
A county criminal record search is the bedrock of any legitimate research of criminal history. Nationwide database searches, as well as statewide searches, have their place—there is some value there—but only when supported by targeted, legally compliant, county-level checks.
Many well-intentioned employers or other end-users are mislead by attractive marketing words such, as "free" or "instant" or "comprehensive." Those who truly understand criminal records know it's just a red herring.
If your current provider is not conducting true country criminal searches, and many do not, we hope that you will consider a company such as ours, which does.
FCRA compliant for Employment and Tenant screening purposes.
Over 30 years combined experience as criminal record research specialists.
Our company founders are licensed private investigators.
We adhere to all professional and ethical standards of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners.
For Individuals Exceptional Research Services
Definitive searches
  • County criminal records
Ancillary searches
  • Real-time statewide criminal
  • Nationwide criminal database
  • SSN traces
  • Last 4 SSN traces
  • Evictions database
  • Employment verifications
  • Education verifications
  • and More...