Real Criminal Record Searches
Real criminal records
What they're not
A real criminal record search is not an instant "Nationwide" database search. Such searches (regardless of which company you use) are:
  Incomplete The best of the "Nationwide" databases, with hundreds of millions of records, contain less than half of all existing criminal cases.
  Sparse Even the minority of records it does return are (often) missing critical case facts and critical personal identifiers.
  Out-of-date Many newer and pending cases, or cases where there was a key change in the disposition or severity, are often not updated.
  Legally restricted It is unlawful to obtain them for employment screening, tenant screening and other business purposes.
What they are
A Real criminal record search is one conducted at the official source or origin: the County. "Nationwide" and "statewide" searches are useful sometimes as an index that points to the correct county, but only the county itself has the actual records that can be relied on. County searches are:
  Complete All major cases, felonies and misdemeanors, will be revealed, with rare exception of certain minor misdemeanors in certain counties.
  Detailed All cases found contain the critical details, including personal identifiers, charge, case number, relevant dates, disposition, sentence, etc.
  Current The records are 'live' meaning the most current disposition and any post-case actions will be correctly reflected.
  Legally compliant Records may be used for employment, tenant and business purposes. Used by professional background screening companies.